Serendipity High Voltage™ Colloidal Silver-Water Sanitiser

When we first started manufacturing colloidal silver in 1997 , we very quickly came to the conclusion that low voltage colloidal silver is an inferior product that can not stay in suspension for any length of time.

Not knowing any better initially, we believed the hype and mis-information that was, and to this day still is, being bandied around by manufacturers of low voltage colloidal silver and 'home brew' kits.

Well, it can't do us any harm (or so we thought), as so many people are claiming such good results with it as well as being an effective water sanitiser. Since we were only manufacturing for our own use, in small batches, we were not aware of any changes to the colloidal silver if left for any period of time.

It wasn't until we were requested to fulfil an order for an international co-operative with clients in all four corners of the globe, that we discovered to our dismay that the solution would only last a few weeks in the bottle, before dropping out.

Intensive testing under varying conditions made no difference to the outcome which was always the same..drop-out,flocculation,plating and tarnishing...

So, we then embarked on our own intensive research and development and discovered that the original machine that was first used to make colloidal silver way back in 1898!-was a high voltage machine that was described as the Bredig method. This is a superior machine that created a smaller particle size (less than a nano-meter) and that due to the higher zeta potential stayed in suspension indefinitily.

Testing on our product, included bottling in clear glass bottles and placing them in FULL SUN for 8 + hours a day, the result was they showed no signs of deterioration, nor change of color. More extensive independent laboratory testing in different parts of the country ensued to give us peace of mind , that Serendipity High Voltage™ Colloidal Silver was indeed superior to any low voltage produced colloidal silver.

Our HIGH Voltage machines put 15,000 Volts-AC through the electrodes as opposed to the 27 Volts DC of the home brew kits and mainstream manufacturers.

In June 2002 we instigated meetings with our major competitors to try and set a minimum standard of manufacturing, as we had become aware that the TGA in Australia was not just 'sabre rattling', but were trying to shut down all colloidal silver manufacturers...

So imagine our disappointment to find that our competitors were not only not interested in forming an association nor improving the quality of their products but were very reluctant to share their manufacturing processess and results with their customers. In fact one manufacturer even had the audacity to suggest to us that " it isn't necessary to share all that information with your customers, as there is enough money in it for all of us!"

The TGA eventually made a decision in 2003 that colloidal silver could continue to be manufactured and sold as a water sanitizer in Australia, provided no therapeutic claims were made.

As our competitors were not at all interested in improving the quality of their products, we decided to create our own unique strict system of manufacuring, to not only give peace of mind to us but more importantly to our customers. So we set up a STANDARD using only the best quality ingredients and methods (no matter what the cost) and give a GUARANTEE (it's on the label).

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