Proudly announces the release of our newest products....
Ultra-CS90 concentrated water sanitizer now comes in 3 sizes 15ml for travel, 500ml for serious water sanitising and one litre especially designed for Preppers...

Attention Travellers...* Preppers...

Now more than ever be even more aware of dangerous viruses like Ebola...

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Don't let polluted water ruin your holidays or business trip...

Protect yourself, your family & friends from polluted water when travelling.
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Ultra-CS90 Concentrated Water Sanitizer

Ultra-CS90 Concentrated Water Sanitizer

Sanitizes your drinking water with no chemicals, no toxins and leaves no aftertaste.
Don't leave home without it...

Small, Handy, Pocket/Purse Size-only 15ml

* We have changed the bottles from PET to French Glass...there are still some PET bottles left for those people who wish to have the PET...for safety

Enough to sterilise 90 + litres of water.

Easy to carry-keep in pocket, purse or handbag.  Small enough to take on board aircraft...                              COMPLIANT WITH INTERNATIONAL SECURITY REGULATIONS*  NON Toxic, No Chemicals, No Aftertaste

Buy your water sanitiser Now Only ... $24.95 (+P&H)

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* Preppers

Ultra-CS500  and Ultra-CS1K  our latest sizes..
* Ultra-CS500 - this large 500ml bottle will sanitise 500 litres of water ......$87.00
* Ultra-CS1K -this larger 1 litre bottle will sanitise 1000 litres of water ... $157.00