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Serendipity High Voltage™ -COLLOIDAL SILVER


7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Serendipity High Voltage™ Colloidal Silver...


1. Glass Vats-manufactured in Glass Vats NOT in Plastic drums-so there is no chance of leaching of petro chemicals, xeno-oestrogens or phenyls, NO Bisphenol-A (BPA)

2. Purest Water-triple processed-endorsed by the Kidney Foundation of Australia it is......

• De-ionised by reverse-osmosis-removes all heavy metals, chlorine and flouride it is then...

Steam Distilled kills all microbes left behind after R/O filtering

•De-Gassed - removes all harmful gases-which can reform on cooling

3. No-Chemicals, proteins, stabilisers, salts or artificial additives used at any stage.

4. High Voltage AC-15,000 volts AC not 27 volts DC

• Higher ion content 45 billlion ions per 30mls

• Smaller particle size..nano particles

• Longer Shelf Life (our R&D has shown the product still did not drop out at 8 years of age)

5. Safe Silver content kept to less than 10mg/L

• Regularly tested at independendent university laboratories

• Purest Silver Electrodes used-99.99%

• Comes with a Certificate of Assay, which guarantees there is ...

• No Cadmium, No Aluminium, No Lead, No Mercury, No Bismuth

6. ICP Atomic Emissions Spectroscopy also known as ICP-AES

• Bactericidal Testing

• Culture Testing

7. Certificate of Purity- First Australian offer a Certificate Of Purity...

For and your family's Peace of Mind

Manufactured to a Standard....Not a Price!

A SAFE-POWERFUL-AND EFFECTIVE water bacterio-static.

• Serendipity HVAC-Colloidal Silver you CAN TRUST

Your Guarantee for your Family's Peace of Mind


The Shocking Truth About Colloidal Silver

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